About Us

Ever since Encore Commercial Products, Inc. began in 2002, we’ve offered top quality and attractive property protection products that are easy to install and save money on maintenance.

When you combine that philosophy with our knowledgeable and friendly staff, it’s no surprise we have thousands of happy customers across North America. Our customers also help us select products you see on this website such as traffic calming bumps and humps, parking curbs, temporary bollards and many other items.

Since almost 2 million Post Guard covers have been sold, our products are virtually everywhere! You’ll see our products at fuel stations, shopping centers, car washes, parking garages, fast food restaurants, parks, schools, governmental facilities, hospitals, airports, banks and self-storage businesses.

Post Guard products are offered through a vast network of distributors and installers across the USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Costa Rica. Canadian customers are cheerfully served by Sureguard, our affiliate based in Kitchener, Ontario.

We always welcome your suggestions and questions about our service and products. Please feel free to call 1-866-737-8900 or email us.