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What makes Post Guard bollard covers / post sleeves so unique?

Square Post Guard at Car Wash
  • Bollard covers are manufactured using a 1/8" thick High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with stronger intermolecular forces, tensile strength, and solvent resistance
  • Contains ultraviolet additives that resist fading and withstands extreme temperatures
  • Guaranteed to be fade resistant for 6 years - longest in the industry!
  • Quick and easy installation that ensures a secure fit
  • Durable, flexible HDPE plastic designed to absorb impact
  • Protects both vehicles and structures from expensive damage
  • Two recessed reflective stripes increasing visibility and safety
  • All colors are available with or without taped reflective stripes
  • Low cost
  • Personalized customer service - call Toll Free 1-866-737-8900

Post Guard Bollard Cover Colors

Whether you call them post covers, bollard covers, or post sleeves, they are available in a wide variety of colors. Post Guard covers are designed with smooth sides. They have two reflective stripes that are recessed near the top of the cover. The reflective striping is available in red, white/silver, and blue. Now also available in Dome Top design!  

Yellow Post Cover with Red StripesYellow Post Cover with White StripesRed Post Cover with White StripesBlue Post Cover with White StripesRoyal Blue White StripesCanadian Grey Post Cover with White StripesWarm Grey Post Cover with White StripesGrey Post Cover with Red StripesBlack Post Cover with White StripesBrown Post Cover with White StripesOrange Post Cover with White StripesBeige Post Cover with White StripesLime Green Post COver with White StripesGreen Post Cover with White StripesWhite Post Cover with Red StripesDome Cover YellowDome Cover BlueDome Cover RedDome Cover Canadian GreyDome Cover Brown
Post Guard Covers

Post Guard Bollard Cover Sizes

Round Diameter Height Square Height
4.5" 52" 4.5" x 4.5" 55"
4.5" 64"6.5" x 6.5" 55"
7" 60"
7" 72"
8-7/8" 72"
10-7/8" 60"
12-3/4" 60"

What size Post Guard Bollard Cover do I need?

Diameter Measures Post Guard Needed
4.5 or less 4.5" Post Guard
Greater than 4.5" less than 7" 7" Post Guard
Greater than 7" Less than 8 -7/8" 8-7/8" Post Guard
Greater than 8-7/8" Less than 10-7/8" 10-7/8" Post Guard
Greater than 10-7/8" Less than 13" 13" Post Guard

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